Between Art and Light came about because Gayle Yoshie Nakamoto-Jancewicz a third-generation adopted Japanese Canadian has been on a search to find out about who I am, what I am about ... it seems origami is a part of me.  

I have always loved paper and the quiet solitude that is folding. I did much origami while I was growing up and in times of stress found it a place I could relax and get lost in it.  I have recently come back to explore my fascination with origami and more specifically tessellations and how the beauty of paper can be enhanced with the right light.  

This exploration has brought me to develop my work with LED Lights.  I love the flexibility of LED strip light and the intensity of the light from a thin wafer of an LED strip. Origami works so well with the enhancement of light as there is a logical but magical quality to it - one piece of paper folded and folded and folded to show shadow and light, then combine it with beautiful Japanese paper that has delicate threads of fiber or flecks of gold and silver and you have something traditional while very modern at the same time.  

I want to create something that you look at and wonder how is it created and possibly brings you a bit of joy! I am on a journey to learn more beautiful origami and to try to translate this medium into some unique art pieces for you to enjoy.    

With much gratitude and appreciation for your interest!

Gayle Y. Nakamoto-Jancewicz

P.S. Ask me about rescue dogs and fostering (another large part of my life) the next time you see me!