The War of Origami

I have just finished reading Steven Pressfields “The War of Art” and I know that I am dealing with an internal war with origami. Pressfield shows us all the different ways that resistance prevents us from pursuing those inner goals of creating.

I am still at the beginning of my journey with origami and that I have a lot to learn.  I struggle with my inner critic and the resistance that Pressfield talks about and the inner dialogue “Am I worthy of doing this work?”, “Am I good enough?”. There are so many more origami artists that are skilled in their craft that it makes me humble to see what they are creating. I know that I have so much to learn and just want to be able to show up and do the work to continue to learn. I am my own critic and I am the one that prevents me from moving forward.  

I know that being late to the game that I have to bring something different to the craft and I hope to be able to marry the beauty of origami with light and with the combination of the two bring something different. I love trying to solve the problems of combing lighting with paper and the issues of the structure of paper - the translucence and fragility, with the technical aspect of lighting.

I am learning so much from generous people all around me and I promise them and myself to fight the resistance that keeps all of us from doing what we need to do to make ourselves and the world just a little bit better!   

Patience is persistence and I hope to have both! 

With gratitude 

G Y Nakamoto