The Generosity of Origami Community

I have been on a learning journey and I am still very new to origami tessellations and have so much to learn! But on this journey I have been so impressed with the generosity of the talented origami artists from around the world who give so freely of their knowledge, have been so helpful and additionally allowed me to use and license their work.  

I have had wonderful email correspondences with amazing artists such as Michal Kosmulski who without hesitation answered my emails - he has such a wonderful website with so much information and beautiful pieces that he puts out for free on how to fold these amazing pieces.  

I picked up Ilan Garibi’s wonderful book Origami Tesselations for Everyone and I continue to learn so much from it everytime I look through it. Ilan who lives in Israel also was quick to reply to my emails and was so kind and supportive and also allowed me to license some of his work.  

David Brill author and such a vital member of the British Origami Society was a very dear and helpful in helping me to contact other origami artists such as J.C. Nolan and Mr. Nolan also generously has allowed me to use his pieces.  

Over and over again I have been blown away by how helpful each of these very talented origami artists has been with me. The origami community wants to share their love of origami with as many people as possible and I feel so lucky that I found this group of generous people and hope that I can help to spread this love of this very special art to a whole new group of people. 

With much gratitude

G.Y. Nakamoto-Jancewicz