Craft Fair


I have been prepping for a better part of the week for this event at the Maker Space and the excitement mounts as I get ready for my first craft fair!  I have safely packed all my pieces in their boxes. I have double checked my petty cash, my card reader, snacks, water and oh yes lots of A/C cords to make sure that I can power all my lights.  I pack up the car, try several configurations as the large screen and cart take up a good portion of my little Mazda hatchback... not leaving much room for my actual origami LED frames fitting in. 

I arrive at the loading dock of the warehouse where the event is happening and it is Hot in the warehouse!  I find my table and start setting up - there never seems to be enough time but I manage to get mostly done before the first people show up.  My first thought is... will all the pieces have power and turn on!  And thank the origami Gods they all do! 

I was fortunate enough to speak with lots of lovely people who were very interested in how the pieces were made.  I saw some familiar faces that I had not seen for many years and I also met some other origami enthusiasts who made my night. I love to talk to people about origami and Japanese paper and I had some great experience doing just that!  The event was over quickly and it was time to pack up,  maybe not the financial success but worth it in experience and letting more people know about the business.

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